In the highly competitive world of recruitment agencies, Caliber stake their claim on innovation, through the early introduction of new technologies to maximize the benefits that can be gained from using a central database application. New technologies such as AJAX coupled with our world class development team, allow us to develop and deploy rapidly so that our customers can enjoy a rich set of functions that, in turn, allow them to compete more effectively.

By working closely with our customers, we establish a long term business relationship which provides peace of mind and ensures a high return for the investment of time and money.

The customer base is expanding rapidly because the software does what it needs to do and well.


"CaliberRecruit is the most versatile and flexible recruitment software seen by our company.  It is designed just to our specification and meets the needs of our companies procedures and policies.  Since using CaliberRecruit our consultants have more spare time and are using this to build relations with clients and candidates.  Clients are simply amazed at getting relevant CVs so quickly.  The possibilities to develop and expand this system are endless which is what Tim Lewis Recruitment needs in this fast paced environment."

Karen McConnell

Caliber clients