Easy Navigation

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Navigation bars and tabs allow the user to easily select the relevant record
that they wish to use. Candidates, Clients, Vacancies and Work Queues
(To Do lists) are assessed by simply clicking on a button.

Once selected, further information is available by selecting a tab. You can
also ‘position to’ a particular record by using the column sensitive search
field. So, if you highlight the Candidate Name column, the search field
changes to Name. If you select the Phone number column, the search field changes to Phone, etc. This is a powerful feature that will save a consultants
time in getting to the data that they wish to use, quickly.

The Workbook ‘remembers’ the last five candidates, clients or vacancies
used, so that you can easily return to that record.

The ‘Org Unit’ and ‘Consultant’ fields are filters to allow you shorten your lists. Page Up/Down buttons are available throughout the system.