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10th Feb 2012

Add Candidate from LinkedIn URL. New feature - Add candidates quickly from a known LinkedIn URL. Loading up your Caliber database with LinkedIn profiles just got easier with the new 'Add candidate from URL' feature. Not all profiles can be found through a Google search so If you know the URL of a profile you are interested in, enter in the profile URL and let Caliber find it and let you add it quickly and easy to the database. " This small change is part of our ongoing efforts to improve our CaliberRecruit product. The next release, due out in a few weeks, includes the ability to use Google Docs to manage candidate's CV's


29th Nov 2011

Caliber presentation PPT. Click here to download our Caliber presentation slides from the Irish Recruiters Group meeting on Nov 29th in the Deloittes of Hatch Street, Dublin.

16th Sep 2011

Google gadget approved. Our new Google Gmail gadget is finally developed and is awaiting approval from Google. It is available for paid-up subscribers of CaliberRecruit.


6th Aug 2011

New Google Gmail Gadget. Our new Google Gmail gadget is finally developed and is awaiting approval from Google. We expect this to take a week from this date. You will be able to download it for free from the Google Apps Marketplace.


18th Mar 2011

New iPhone App in development. Our developers are busy working on a new Caliber iPhobe App which will give you access to Caliber data. Expected completion date is summer 2011.


10th Feb 2011

Bord na Mona go live on Caliber  The HR Recruiting Team at Bord na Mona based in Boora, Co. Offaly went live with their Caliber system this month. Their challenge was to link their many careers websites to Caliber so that a job was added just once then made automatically visible to the careers sites. This was achieved easily with the Caliber jobs API.