CaliberRecruit - Corporate Edition

Application tracking

Dramatically reduce administration time spent opening CV's, assessing and short-listing applications.

small_groupCaliberRecruit receives job applications directly into the Caliber database so no time is wasted searching through your email inbox.

Tailored Workflows

With CaliberRecruit, we let you tailor your workflow processes so you get precisely the functionality you require as part of the standard offering. Whether you wish to send an email reminder or a text message to a colleague or candidate, Caliber will map that process for you.

Seamless Jobs Advertising

Caliber Web Services will display your jobs in real-time on your corporate careers site. This means no manual posting. Caliber will also post to any jobs board that you advertise with and then automatically maintain that posting until you remove it from Caliber. How much time are your currently spending on jobs boards postings administration? Let Caliber take the strain.

Download the Brochure in .DOC Format (700K)